Indoor Volleyball Leagues

Edenvale Action Soccer boasts 1 Indoor and 1 Outdoor Beach Volleyball courts. Games run from 18:00 till 22:30 every night during the week. The weekends run during the day and also hosts Tournaments and Birthday Parties. Games are 20 minutes each way with a 1 minute half time break.

Beach Volleyball has several leagues, each specifically designed to accommodate every individual, If you are the sort of player who craes the competitive sting and edge of a fast pace game, and for the guys who are just looking for good, solid FUN!

Leagues are broken up into the following:

  1. Mondays - Mixed 4-a-side.
  2. Tuesdays - Mixed 4-a-side.
  3. Wednesdays - Mens 4-a-side.
  4. Thursdays - Mixed 4-a-side.
  5. Sunday - Mens, Ladies and Mixed 2-a-side